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September 26, 2004

What the hoo? What the hey? | 11:03 PM

Why, it's the beginning of a brand new JVG: the comic strip today! And, unsurprisingly, it's a strip about the lack of strips! How gloriously "metro!"

In equally strange news, a new Andrew Snail adventure arrives bang on schedule: Andrew Snail Should Switch to Decaf!

aeu comments: "Meta?"

JVG comments: "You meta too, but I married'a!"

Lock comments: "You guys plan these, right? "

jba comments: "Nice haircut!"

September 21, 2004

Shocking! Shocking! | 08:19 PM

Basing a news report on forged documents? SHOCKING! Why, the only thing that could be worse would be to base a war on obviously forged documents!

Confidential to CBS: Instead of apologizing, why not just claim that the news report was "a success," and let it go at that?

lebowitz comments: "Where is the new strip??? Don't tell me you need Lebowitz to fill in again?! Come on, let's get cracking! "

neilfred comments: "Yeah, seriously, I'm getting tired of seeing Cyborg Cheney..."

Leeb O'Witz comments: "For gosh sakes, change the strip already!!!! What's the matter? Are you okay? Have the Republicans paid you a visit or something??"

wvg comments: "Get the filthy republicans off the site ! Change the script !!!!!!!!!!"

aeu comments: "You could just draw some kitties!"

September 19, 2004

Andrew Snail On a Trampoline | 09:22 PM

This week's exciting Andrew Snail adventure: Andrew Snail On a Trampoline!

September 14, 2004

Nothing Can Stop Andrew Snail | 01:44 PM

After an inexplicable and protracted absence, ANDREW SNAIL returns to the stage with Episode 21: Nothing Can Stop Andrew Snail

neilfred comments: "And yet still no Andrew Snail t-shirt."

wvg comments: "Nor sweatshirt, neither. What is the problem ?"

September 06, 2004

Substitute Stripper | 08:42 AM

The lovely and talented ROBERT F. LEBOWITZ, of the Bronx, will be filling in on the comic strip for the next 8 days. Please welcome him with open arms, and treat him no worse than you would me.

neilfred comments: "Nose too small! Oh, I guess this wasn't another contest."

September 05, 2004

Tiny Ninja Theater presents HAMLET | 01:18 PM

Details about Tiny Ninja Theater's upcoming WORLD PREMIERE production of Hamlet... The first brand-new mainstage Tiny Ninja show since October 2002!


Shakespeare's classic tale of madness and revenge performed by inch-high plastic ninjas and other dime-store figures.

October 28-November 21
Thursday - Saturday at 7:30pm, Sunday at 3pm
Post-show reception, October 28

at P.S. 122
151 First Ave at E. 9th Street

Online via TicketWeb
or at the Box Office (Tues-Sat 2pm-showtime, Sun 4pm-showtime): 151 1st Ave
or by phone (Tues-Sat 2-6pm, Sunday 4-6pm):

As usual, seating is limited, so buy tickets early and often.

"Once you've seen its Romeo & Juliet, you'll want to come to back for figurine versions of Hamlet or Othello or whatever else." The Washington Post

made possible in part by a grant from The Henson Foundation
co-produced by 4Panel Productions

September 01, 2004

Marquee politics | 12:57 PM

Is the Loews Cineplex 34th Street (right across the street from MSG) making a statement with its movie lineup? Among the 12 movies now playing, many have political implications.

Some are obvious:
The Manchurian Candidate
Vanity Fair

Some less so:
Alien vs. Predator (Tagline: "Whoever wins, we lose!")
Open Water (Plot: Republican sharks circle around two unsuspecting democrat divers, lost in a sea of political lies)
Exorcist: The Beginning (Plot: If it's anything like the first one, it involves a priest (Kerry) trying to drive a malignant spirit (Bush) out of a young girl (The White House)

And some only work if the full title is revealed:
[It Takes] The Village
[I] Suspect [Bush has a] Zero [I.Q.]

Or am I reading too much into it?

Public Service | 01:49 AM

As a public service to those who missed Rudy's speech, I've put up an entire strip today, with both quotes direct from the address, PLUS a bit of text I'm SURE must have been cut from an earlier draft.

That is, if the ex-mayor has any sense of decency.

gretchen comments: ""that week we thought giuliani wasn't an ass" -- perfect! I forgot that that's precisely how it felt. well done."

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