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October 28, 2004

How popular is Tiny Ninja Theater presents Hamlet? | 04:16 PM

smallninja5.jpgSo popular that Xina (the official Ninja photog) and I (the co-producer) have been ousted from our seats for tonight's opening to make room for reviewers. The agony!

Buy Tickets Now or be disappointed later
More about Tiny Ninja Theater

UPDATE: Almost half the run is already completely sold out.

October 27, 2004

Are you ready for... hawking the next book? | 02:38 AM

How could the release date (Oct 26) for THE BIG 40! (a.k.a Book of Ages 2) pass without a ridiculous amount of self-promotion in this space ( It just could, that's how. But tomorrow, or, in this case, today, is another day, and with that new day comes the opportunity to buy THE BIG 40! via this link preceding these words.

- BOA blog lives! (now, 10 years older) []
- Tour THE BIG 40! []
- Lock plugs The Big 40! on Curbed []
- The Big 40! Page at Random House of Canada (new category: Social Science/Popular Culture) []
- CiN Weekly fails to mention The Big 40! in recent article about turning 30 []

And, lest we be accused of lax salesmanship...
- Buy THE BIG 40! []
- Book of Ages 30: Still Exists! []

October 24, 2004

October 23, 2004

The Mummy's Curves | 12:00 PM

This Sunday, come see Nasty Canasta's brand-spanking new halloween-themed number THE MUMMY'S CURVES, costarring yours truly.

RiFiFi 322 E. 11th St. (between 1st & 2nd Ave.)

Also appearing: Dottie Lux, Scooter Pie, Veronika Sweet, and the legendary Jo Boobs.

Sigh. Once again, I'm NOT the prettiest one there.

October 21, 2004

Amazon's free shipping bar is perhaps set a bit too high. | 04:54 PM


Mmmmmm... Democracy! | 12:56 PM

Sucking Democracy Dry

October 18, 2004

Andrew Snail Updated | 11:05 AM

This week's exciting episode: Smile for the Camera, Andrew Snail

lebowitz comments: "JVG-- Are you OK? Do you need me to fill in for you again? Where is the strip? RFL"

October 13, 2004

Democracy in Action | 04:21 PM

I think we can all take comfort in the fact that the Afghan presidential elections seem to have run just as smoothly as the last US presidential election.

In other Grey Lady political coverage, far too few people seem to have read Frank Rich's review of 'George W. Bush: Faith in the White House', "a documentary conceived as a rebuke to "Fahrenheit 9/11" [that] is nothing if not its unintentional and considerably more nightmarish sequel." I say we get copies of this to Jewish Dubya supporters (vaughnfilmy, know anyone?); might make them think about whether Bush's support of Israel comes from his feeling that Jews might be easier to convert to Christianity than Muslims.

"Faith in the White House" purports to be the product of "independent research," uncoordinated with the Bush-Cheney campaign. But many of its talking heads are official or unofficial administration associates or sycophants. They include the evangelical leader and presidential confidant Ted Haggard (who is also one of Mel Gibson's most fervent P.R. men) and Deal Hudson, an adviser to the Bush-Cheney campaign until August, when he resigned following The National Catholic Reporter's investigation of accusations that he sexually harassed an 18-year-old Fordham student in the 1990's. As for the documentary's "research," a film positioning itself as a scrupulously factual "alternative" to "Fahrenheit 9/11" should not inflate Mr. Bush's early business "success" with Arbusto Energy (an outright bust for most of its investors) or the number of children he's had vaccinated in Iraq ("more than 22 million," the movie claims, in a country whose total population is 25 million).

October 08, 2004

Pre-Debate Reading | 03:37 PM


skippy comments: "Dude-- I use to come here alla time to chek out the cartoon but no its gone. WHUSSUP WIF DAT????"

Booze, politics, comedy, hula hoops, and boobies! | 01:54 PM

This evening's schedule. All below activities are approved by Engaging in any single activity will improve your evening by 67%, guaranteed. Following the complete schedule will result in "rockin' good times!" Can you dig it?

9:00pm: Can one be drunk enough to make the debates watchable? I suspect not. Tape them, instead, to watch at the end of your night on the town. But you can have a beer or two at...

10:30pm: Julie Goldman's Third Party at 45Bleecker. Village voice calls Julie "charmingly deviant." I call her hilarious.

11:30pm: Over to Galapagos to catch the end of Floating Vaudeville, hosted by the wunderbar Miss Saturn (who knew Hula could be so damn sexy?) and featuring the "sound comedy" of Zero Boy (Sounds terrible, I know, but it's really quite funny.)

1:00am-3:00am: Stay at Gpgos (and order more drinks) for Nasty Canasta's Late Night Burlesque-a-Go-Go. Burlesque-on-the-bar numbers in the lineup tonight include: Vegas, NastySuperGeek, and in honor of the debates a moving tribute to Bush, and America. Between Nasty sets: tunes spun by DJ Boyracer!

3:00am: Final nightcap at Grace? Perhaps. Or: stumble home drunk. Watch that debate tape. The future of this country is in your brooze-drenched hands!

October 06, 2004

Again I am Gawked | 11:09 PM

After months of being "too mainstream" for the gossip blog, I make it back onto Gawker this week.

October 05, 2004

American Theater | 06:57 PM

Check out the latest issue of American Theater, where Thiny Ninja Theater presents Hamlet is listed as one of the picks of the upcoming season!

(photo by Xina Nicosia)

October 04, 2004

For your viewing enjoyment | 06:24 PM

A yum-licious shot of Nasty Canasta.

More Nasty photos here.

Time to admire: JCN | 04:58 PM

For those who haven't seen JCN's photos, yet, today's snap of the Williamsburg Bridge at sunset is a pretty damn breathtaking starting point.

neilfred comments: "That is a nice one. But my favorite is still ketchup receding into the distance."

October 03, 2004

Andrew Snail Updated | 12:34 PM

This week's exciting episode: Andrew Snail: Up, Up, and Away

October 01, 2004

Best Toy Ever | 03:31 AM

Now available: The Best Toy Ever

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