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February 25, 2005

Grey Lady Love | 01:15 PM

2003 brought me solidly into the Grey Lady's arms, but in 2004, she forsook me. Now, 2005 returns my visage to her cold, incisive grasp (print version features large, full color picture of my large, full color nose) — and rechristens me "Jonathan Van Gleason". Oh, I'll have to take a lot of ribbing from my co-star Karken for THAT one, I tell you.

And my pull quotes keep on coming;

"...floppy hair and bad attitude...!" — The New York Times ...It's like it knows me.

UPDATE (4:36pm) My father calls: "If you look up the Times print archives, you'll find a 'William Van Gleason'. That's me." The Van Gleasons: a long, proud tradition of Grey Lady love.

February 20, 2005

Updates, apparently | 04:14 PM

For no good reason, a new Andrew Snail strip makes its online debut today: ANDREW SNAIL, MASTER OF DISGUISE.

Housekeeping note: From your friends in the consolidated archives department, several minor or incomplete diversions have made their way into the back alleys of today: The Poke the Evil Nun Game, Opposite Day brief interlude, the inane and confusingly organized You're the Star of the Story, and the incomplete Sam Webb: Internet Detective.

February 16, 2005

Wuthering Press! | 12:21 AM

Nice article in the News, and a fantastic pullquote for me:

"...Van Gieson, who plays Heathcliff!"

• Daily News 2/16 Entertainment page
• More directly: "'Wuthering' is high drama" [Robert Dominguez, NY Daily News]
• New-school take on the classics [Sidebar, Joe Dziemianowicz, also Daily News]

UPDATE: My father phones to remind me that this is the second time my photo has appeared in the Daily News in the past 30 years. Previous headline: "Young Man Finds Place in the Sun."

February 13, 2005 Setting the trends, trendfully set | 12:34 AM

What subject matter has dominated this web presence for the last few months? Burlesque and Wuthering High. And what's the first item in the Sunday Times weekend guide? Why, Burlesque and Wuthering High!

And here you thought I was just whistlin' dixie.

• Wuthering High
• Red Hots Burlesque
• Nasty Canasta
• NYTimes Weekend Guide (by Choire, no less!)

February 10, 2005

Winter Break is OVER! | 11:37 AM

groupsmall.jpgYes, WUTHERING HIGH, after two years of development, opens its doors tonight. In order to prepare for the trying role of Heathcliff, I'm going to spend the day hanging people's dogs*.

(*If you don't get this, re-read Wuthering Heights. Or don't. It's a pretty weightly tome, actually. Why not just come see the play?)

So, hey, if you want to see thirtysomethings (Should I include a Book of Ages plug here? Nah.) play teenagers — just like in the 80s! — I'm 94% sure that this is the show for you!

aeu comments: "Break a leg, everyone. Wish I could see it."

February 07, 2005

Yet another reason to see Wuthering High... | 09:57 AM

...a first-hand view of my dramatic new HAIRCUT. My hair hasn't been this short since 1989.

• WUTHERING HIGH opens Thursday. Discount advance sale tix available for first weekend via SmartTix, use secret code ELLIS. No photos of new hair available at Wuthering High dot com

aeu comments: "How short IS it?"

JVG comments: "Not the shortest in the show, but not the longest, either."

February 02, 2005

LeafHocker | 05:13 PM

One unbiased emailer calls LifeHacker "for real, an incredibly useful blog." Not QUITE as much OSX as I'd like, but then, I'm a picky bastard.

The Broadband Optimizer looks keen, especially to a guy who spent some of his day setting up a new wireless DSL modem/router. Now I just need that 17 incher.

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