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November 29, 2005

In Memoriam: Hide/Seek/NYC | 12:00 AM

Let us take a moment to remember the glory times of Hide/Seek/NYC. 11 long days of sitting in the rundown offices of the now-defunct SiteSherpa, tracking three lunatics around New York City. Fugitives Jason, Zoe, and Chris, we hardly knew ye.

5 years later, the site remains somewhat amusing. But painful to the eye. What was the designer thinking? Let's tip the glass to all my fellow sadists at Command: Mike, Mike, Chris, Pam, and of course, Josh and Lock.

And, lest we forget, there was a Music Video.

November 27, 2005

Andrew Snail: Down to the Wire | 10:51 AM

Only four Andrew Snail reprints left from Collection 1: The Adventures of Andrew Snail. We'll be posting those throughout the remainder of 2005, and the, coming in 2006: Brand Spanking New Andrew Snail, as only Andrew Snail can be brand new!

Plus, our new guarantee: Andrew Snail Weekly, uninterrupted for the next three months.

Until then, be sure to purchase several copies of Collection 1 for gift use, available now through the publisher CafePress. N.B. Despite the implication of this strip, please note that the book is not in any way discounted.

November 22, 2005

Goings On About Town | 12:40 PM

As he moves upstairs, Lex's Folly gets a redesign. His Red Hook shots continue to be damn, damn pretty.

Certain Disaster seems to be back in stride, blogwise if not boywise.

JCN's photos are now "lovingly presented." Well, it's about time.

Nasty has some performers-eye views of last Sunday's Red Hots Show... now, you too can see what it's like to be a burlesque star! This, this, and this, I say.

Lock's November output is, to say the least, uninspiring.

BatGirl persists in talking about the Minnesota Twins, for some reason.

Hey, you guys all knew that JLY is now a bonafide Broadway star, right?

Rebecca's got a new album on the way. It will be released as soon as I finish designing the cover.

Dov and Tiny Ninja Theater are going back to North Carolina, why not?

Erik, who many of you know as Joey's roommate, has a blog. An angry, angry blog.

Wow, it's a busy internet out there!

November 12, 2005

Saturday Afternoon At the Movies | 11:41 AM

From the Republican Convention: Scarface Cheney (via BB)
Movie Trailer: Shining (via KG)
Documentary: Harlan McCraney: Presidential Speechalist (via JJ)

November 08, 2005

Quotation Ad Propositum | 08:09 PM

E. Blackadder: "You could appoint him a high court judge."
George II: "Is he qualified?"
Blackadder: "He's a violent, bigoted, mindless old fool."
George II: "Sounds a bit overqualified."

The world, apparently, is coming to an end. | 12:48 AM

The hot naked wife has a blog.

And, for the love of god, a photoblog.

And, let's face it, an incredible ass.

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