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January 27, 2006

Lost Fred | 02:41 AM

Will wonders never cease? I have just unearthed a lost episode of "Fred the Obnoxious Goldfish," purporting to be from the year 1900, and in the style of that time. This cartoonery was originally published in the still-topical "Y2K" issue of "Bunk Magazine", written primarily by me, I'm proud to say. Looking back, I can only marvel at the cleverness of the conceit... an online humor magazine, affected by the Y2K bug reverts to the style of a Hearst-era newspaper! But (and get this)... it's still online! Mind-boggling, ain't it?

Fred the Obnoxious Goldfish, from the beginning.

Although I am no longer affiliated with Bunk, and am therefore no longer able to contribute side-splitting concepts like the one above, the online humor mag (to the best of my knowledge) continues to this very day, under the auspices of my old friend Mark Marino.

Alexis Robie comments: "Ah...remember bunklets?"

JVG comments: "I think you mean Bunk Films"

Alexis comments: "I thought we were going to call them bunklets...cute and tasty bunklets"

Bill Paily comments: "I'm so glad I never take anything down. I knew one day someone would link to this piece. Wishing you the best here in JVG land. BTW, I think there are still bunklets."

January 21, 2006

CPZ Photos | 04:14 PM

A rare Saturday trip to the Central Park Zoo with the camera netted some enjoyable pics of animals, including one of the new resident Red Panda, Bella (after the jump.)

Red Eyed Tree Frog (Agalychnis callidryas)
Tropic Zone, Upper Level

Luzon Bleeding Heart Pigeon (Gallicolumba luzonica)
Tropic Zone, Main Area
Nope, it's not hurt. God made it that way. How intelligent.

Gus the Polar Bear (Ursus maritimus)
Polar Circle
Unlike his wild relatives, Gus actually gets less active in the winter.

Madagascar Hissing Cockroach (Gromphadorhina portentosa)
Education Department
I pet a cockroach! Then I took a picture of it!

Bella, the new resident Red Panda (joining Goodwin) (Ailurus fulgens)
Temperate Zone
Blurry photo, but my first sighting of the new gal!

More, including pix by Nasty, on her Flickr page. Also a skink.

January 16, 2006

40 generations how we do not fear! | 05:23 PM

The Japanese and German versions of The Big 40! are finally available for persual on and Amazon.du!

According to the Google Translation, the Japanese title of the book is "40 generations how we do not fear!" (which we should certainly have considered for the original version) and the German simply "40!". The German edition was penned (according to the Google translation) by "Joshua Albertson , LOCK-hard Steele , Jonathan of Gieson" while the credits for the Japanese book include (again thanks to Google translate): " J [Untranslated Japanese Characters Deleted] (work), the J.V. [Untranslated Japanese Characters Deleted] (work), the L steel (work), Joshua Albertson (field work), Jonathan Van Gieson (field work), Lockhart Steele (field work), three sand Hiroshi (translation), high flat Tetsuro."

While workers J [Untranslated Japanese Characters Deleted], the J.V. [Untranslated Japanese Characters Deleted], and the L steel share the same credits: Production person * producer of various media plans. The reality game Hide/Seek/NYC of the web, The Pharmer ' S Almanac, " the Buddy " Cianci:The Musical, the SiteSherpa is managed, high flat (who, we assume, is one of the translators) is described, somewhat impressively, as Participating (being something which is published to that time when this book is published it does this data as a production, and an editor such as formation of TV program and stage show and play).

The description of the German edition contains perhaps the best piece of marketing text known to man: But there are also good messages: now you can wave off again correctly! Well, it's about time. Unfortunately for Germany, Amazon.du has this to say about the availability of 40! We do not lead or no more - book in advance now used. Japan is somewhat luckier: Dispatch possible time: Usually it dispatches within 2 days between.

I leave you with this thought, worthy of contemplation, from
"Isn't the first customer review of this commodity written?"

anne comments: "Hmmm....which is which?"

JVG comments: "THIS JUST IN: That additional text on the cover of the German edition reads: "The best age between puberty and pension""

January 15, 2006

500th Entry... Wow | 04:35 AM

Will somebody please explain to me how it is that I can use my computer to download music, burn a dvd, spy on France via Google Earth, distribute my wisdom to the waiting world via this very blog, and yet am not able to print sucessfully on either of my two printers? Really and truly, it makes no logical sense.

aeu comments: "More importantly, what is France doing?"

Lock comments: "Idea: you should have your comments display on the homepage. Actually, I might do that for my blog. Want to design it? There's a juicy Alexander Hamilton in it for you. "

JVG comments: "How's this?"

January 13, 2006

Greek Gods Come Alive. ALIVE. | 07:18 PM

Anne Ursu's Cronus Chronicles website just went live! A loving note to all those who are using PC Internet Explorer: you've caused me mountains of grief. And Anne, too. And our respective spouses. Can't we all just be standards compliant?

After you've enjoyed the site, why not buy the book? It's available for preorder, and I can probably get the author to sign it for you. It's quite good, and you know I'm going to keep harping on it if you don't.

In the meantime, I'll be reading the sequel. I'm just that cool.

January 03, 2006

New Years | 03:03 PM

What did I do this New Years?

What, in fact, could be better?
(I'm the one in the corner... no, the corner outside the frame of the photo. Over there. Standing next to Summer Glau. Not, you know, talking to her, but standing next to her.)

UKNOWWHO comments: "cheat...cheat...CHEAT."

January 01, 2006

Brand New Andrew Snail Begins Today | 12:00 AM

With the exciting episode "Andrew Snail Meets The Slowly Creeping Flower!"

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