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June 21, 2006

Note to self | 10:42 PM

Culling my notebook, I found this self-directed missive on a crumpled page:

BUILDING on 79th & 1st
(E side of street)"

I have no memory of what's there, but enjoy!

December 02, 2005

Hey, I just installed MT 3.2! | 10:38 PM

I'm so far ahead of the curve I'm looking down its throat! But did everything break? I hope not!

July 18, 2005

Three days in a row? | 03:11 AM

My goodness, it's almost as if there were a blog extant on this web presence!

Shilling for others
A play completed

May 16, 2004

MT3: The Honeymoon's Over | 04:03 PM

Since SixApart introduced Movable Type 3.0 a couple days back, the internet has exploded in an angry haze of bitterness and recrimination. Despite the fact that the 6A folks subsequently changed some terms of service to address user concerns, my main fears about the new licensing remain, especially since they seem to affect me. F'rinstance, the strict limitations on number of blog authors:

"Author" means one individual with a unique login name generated by the Software via the "Add/Edit Weblog Authors" function of the Software who has logged in within the prior 90 days. The sharing of an individual login name for more than one person is prohibited.
Taking as an example, this would mean that if I went away for a week and did a backlog of comic strips to cover my absence, I would be in violation of the Terms of Service if I attempted to have someone else to update the blog for me. I couldn't (as I do now) create another user account for my friendly updater, and to give him my login name would be to angrily defy the TOS. What was once a simple favor from a friend becomes an act of rebellion.

Also of concern: the description of "non-commercial use":

"Non-Commercial Purposes" means use of the Software by an individual for publishing on a personal blog site on a single sever that does not directly or indirectly support any commercial efforts.
Given this definition, and other personal blogs which, on occasion plug the proprietors' publishing and other ventures but make no money themselves and serve no ads, would seem to "indirectly support... commercial efforts." Like most MT users, I don't want to knowingly violate license terms (mostly out of respect for a good product and the people who made it — in contrast, I don't even bother to read the Microsoft TOS) but I also don't want to stop plugging stuff I'm working on, or pay an extra $200 to do so.

I'm also sad because I was hoping for subcategories, but that has less to do with licensing.

aeu comments: "Do we just keep using the old MT?"

May 05, 2004

New iPod features! | 05:53 PM

CabotVT IMs: "Strange story follows... I've started using my iPod to time-shift baseball games."

Maybe it's because I don't follow the national past-time, but I had no idea that the new iPods could actually alter the time-space continuum. Another victory for Apple!

April 29, 2004

Upcoming Events | 03:56 PM

An email forwarded by's favorite burlesque artist reveals a shocking fact about the month of May, and news about an opportunity for YOU to appear upcoming HBO show, which will film the celebration of the Month sponsored by a well-regarded Lower East Side sextablishment:

"Masturbation May 2004
Every year Toys in Babeland celebrates Masturbation May with our unique fundraising event, the Masturbate-a-thon. Our goal is to raise masturbation awareness while raising funds for groups that promote sexual health... The Masturbate-a-thon premise is simple. Participants receive a sponsorship form from Toys in Babeland and ask their friends to sponsor them for each minute they masturbate on May 16th. In the past people have done the event in the privacy of their own homes. But this year we are inviting you to share your masturbation with the world by joining us for a unique event that will be filmed by HBO. If you are participating in our event, you’ll join us and a team of masturbation gurus, sex experts and jill-off cheerleaders who will inspire you and keep you going at the most festive orgasm circle in town.

...The Masturbate-a-thon filming will take about 8 hours on May 16th in a Manhattan dance studio. Filming slows things down; the result will air as a two-hour event. Don’t worry— you won’t have to rub yourself raw. There will be breaks!

...Our primary goal for the event is to bring masturbation out of the closet, and for a good time to be had by all. The goal is to get people to talk about female masturbation."

Well, people? Get talking. Or whatever.

Masturbation May NYC
• Other Masturbate-a-thons: Portland, OR, San Francisco

aeu comments: "I thought I was your favorite burlesque artist!"

September 16, 2003

Good Spam Opening Line | 09:28 PM

"Dear Friend.
As you read this, I don't want you to feel sorry for me, because, I believe everyone will die someday."

He goes on to explain that he has a disease that has "defiled all forms of medicine."

July 26, 2003

Vacationing | 11:37 AM

Off for a week, much to the collective terror of the Buddy production team. It's not me being away that bothers them, I think — it's what I might say when I get back.

The strip will be updated every 2nd day until August 2nd.

July 16, 2003

Breaking Blogs | 01:30 AM

Rob Sterling, after showing up at every blog party in the past six months and suffering incessant mockery as he sheepishly admitted "I don't have a blog right now," has finally gotten off his ass. His boro6 site centers around New Jersey, which is apparently of interest to some people.

He has wisely chosen to host with FictCo, as has brand spanking new blogger Ami Eden, who is producing "a regular update on news, culture and Jewish affairs" at We remember Eden fondly from late nights at Exit 20 (obituary) crammed into an undersized computer lab known enigmatically as "ConMag," shoulder to shoulder with an unwashed Lockhart Steele.

July 09, 2003

The Plan | 04:08 AM

What say we all kick in a couple bucks and buy Vivendi Universal?

June 16, 2003

A Message to Our Valued Customers | 11:13 AM

In order to serve you better, Verizon has downgraded your DSL to dialup. Also, because of unusually high call volume, we are unable to take your call at this time. Please call back later.

June 03, 2003

New Feature Alert | 12:00 PM

Once again, Movable Type comes through, allowing to introduce an high-technology RSS feed.

Of course, the has not a clue what an high-technology RSS feed might be, but those of you with the knowhow and gumption have my permission to go "hog wild."


February 25, 2003

Return from The Sunshine State | 09:21 PM

Unfortunately, my web-enabled cel phone/palm is not also blog-enabled. Sad in so many ways. I managed to compensate by blogging via the more traditional method of pen on napkin. As follows:

• I understand the need for increased airport security, but did they really have to feel up my grandmother? In my opinion, somewhat excessive.

• Florida Financial Institution: The Fifth Third Bank. Fifth. Third. Bank. This from the state that elected Jeb Bush.

• [Drawing of a funny fish] [Name written several times] HUNGRY. [Underlined twice.]

February 08, 2003

Libations | 11:42 PM

Introducing a brand new feature: Alcohol reviews!

Reviewer: My father
Alcohol: Scotch
Brand: Monk's Choice (no longer available)
Comment: "They used to pick me up in alleyways in Scotland, boy."

February 02, 2003

Unpalatable Ball | 04:59 PM

In celebration of Groundhog Day, I'm posting a picture of my hedgehog. Enjoy!

February 01, 2003

A Bold New Month | 11:10 AM

FEB-roo-ER-ee? FEB-roo-uhr-ee? FEB-yoo-ER-ee? or FEB-yoo-uhr-ee? English is hard.

January 26, 2003

prêt-à-porter | 10:14 AM

The New York Post and Gawker have just gotten around to noticing Ugh Boots. Unsurprisingly, fashionisto JCN over at The Pith Helmet had his finger in that tasty Australian pie all the way back in February '02.

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