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September 06, 2009

Book of Ages: Still in print, apparently! | 07:14 PM

Taped in January, The Book of Ages interview on CBS Sunday morning aired this morning! Article. My goodness, we'll wring some residuals out of this project yet!

Also, for those who haven't been following the burlesque world, I'm running for mayor of New York.

April 28, 2008

Before you ask... | 05:01 PM

Yes, that was my ass on CBS Sunday Morning. (@ 2:06 on the clip below.)

February 25, 2005

Grey Lady Love | 01:15 PM

2003 brought me solidly into the Grey Lady's arms, but in 2004, she forsook me. Now, 2005 returns my visage to her cold, incisive grasp (print version features large, full color picture of my large, full color nose) — and rechristens me "Jonathan Van Gleason". Oh, I'll have to take a lot of ribbing from my co-star Karken for THAT one, I tell you.

And my pull quotes keep on coming;

"...floppy hair and bad attitude...!" — The New York Times ...It's like it knows me.

UPDATE (4:36pm) My father calls: "If you look up the Times print archives, you'll find a 'William Van Gleason'. That's me." The Van Gleasons: a long, proud tradition of Grey Lady love.

February 16, 2005

Wuthering Press! | 12:21 AM

Nice article in the News, and a fantastic pullquote for me:

"...Van Gieson, who plays Heathcliff!"

• Daily News 2/16 Entertainment page
• More directly: "'Wuthering' is high drama" [Robert Dominguez, NY Daily News]
• New-school take on the classics [Sidebar, Joe Dziemianowicz, also Daily News]

UPDATE: My father phones to remind me that this is the second time my photo has appeared in the Daily News in the past 30 years. Previous headline: "Young Man Finds Place in the Sun."

February 13, 2005 Setting the trends, trendfully set | 12:34 AM

What subject matter has dominated this web presence for the last few months? Burlesque and Wuthering High. And what's the first item in the Sunday Times weekend guide? Why, Burlesque and Wuthering High!

And here you thought I was just whistlin' dixie.

• Wuthering High
• Red Hots Burlesque
• Nasty Canasta
• NYTimes Weekend Guide (by Choire, no less!)

December 19, 2003

BOAfn | 01:22 PM

For those of you who don't have the super-extra cable required to view CNNfn, Lock has been kind enough to provide a blow-by-blow of Book of Ages' Wednesday appearance on The FilpSide.

Caption: Interview complete, the grinning idiots grin idiotically.

Meanwhile, sad tidings on the Guerilla Book Tour front: today's reading, scheduled to feature's favorite stalker, Aaron Bailey, has been cancelled, due to a raging sickness that has ripped through the BOA team in much the same way as an excited reader rips through the book itself. Although the appearance has been rescheduled for Monday, Mr. Bailey will not be able to attend, as he will be returning home to stalk the state of Michigan.

• Grinning Idiots Go National. []
• Guerilla Book Tour Day 1 with photos by []
• Guerilla Book Tour Day 2 []

December 18, 2003

Book Tour Erupts into Stores | 03:57 AM

2003_12_gbt.gifDon't worry, there's still two days left in the Book of Ages Guerilla Book Tour, wherein the hapless authors of the text descend on unsuspecting vendors and inscribe copies of the manuscript to eager fan(s).

Today's stop: Barnes & Noble at 3rd Ave/52nd St, 12:00-12:15pm

November 25, 2003

Radio Nights | 09:08 PM

"Step into the realm of thought-provoking talk" with Albertson's BOA radio interview, live right now, or join me AND the host in the chat room. Or join us in Albertson's apartment for a Brooklyn Lager.

October 20, 2003

Radio Free Iowa | 12:33 AM

For all you JVG fans in Burlington, Iowa, tune in at 8:45am today for a full half hour of Book of Ages fun on "The Big Show With Fred & Seven," KCPS-AM. Not just Fred, mind you: Fred AND Seven.

"Fred and Seven are just what you need in the morning. A handful of humor (not the hard laughing kind that starts a phlegm storm). A little dash of local info.  And a pitch (sic) of naughty-but-nice. Plus a  short celebrity/author interview."
Previous radio appearances:
• Focus Rhode Island, WNRI
Sample quote: "I... uh... in order to spare your listeners my singing ablilities, I don't think I should [hum a few bars]."
• The Resurrection of Buddy Cianci, Day to Day, NPR
Sample quote: "It's more interesting than, even, I think, you could possibly fit into a musical, or book."
• Marketplace, NPR
Sample quote: "If they knock one of the fugitives down, they are not eligible to win the money."

Post-Show Update: [9:45am] Full roundup over at Book of

October 17, 2003

Finally: The Recognition I Deserve | 01:18 PM

After all these years in the Shadow of Weinstein, it takes the Dublin Evening Herald to finally recogize the true brains behind Tiny Ninja Theater.


Also heartwarming: her assumption that I can hear a phone ringing from almost 3,500 miles away.

August 10, 2003

Now that I'm Grandma | 11:06 AM

Grandma comments on the most recent Times article.

"Well, now I'm the famous grandmother of the famous grandson."

August 05, 2003

I guess it was inevitable | 11:51 AM

Though I'm surprised that Rush & Malloy decided to highlight my prison fun, and not my numerous, torrid affairs with supermodels. Strange.

July 25, 2003

Oregon Gets in on the Act | 12:37 AM

Not to be outdone by the smallest state in the union, Oregon has put me on the front page of their living section.

Unless my count is off, this means I have now been in the newspaper in 3 different states. Only 47 to go.

UPDATE: Make that 4 different states. I had forgotten about South Carolina.

• 30! [The Oregonian]

June 30, 2003

The Early Years: Press | 01:22 PM

At the tender of age of thirteen, my remarkable acting talent was already gracing the stages of one of the outer boroughs.

And, as always, the forth estate was there. The press photo for To Kill A Mockingbird, in this clipping from a local newspaper, hints at the passionate depths of my performance. In this one moment, captured forever only on paper, I am able to convey so many things — standing, looking, wearing overalls — that one cannot help but wish that one could travel back through time, if only to watch a few moments of my remarkable portrayal of "Jem" live.

I received, of course, a rave review:
• "Jon Van Gieson is totally winning..." [Advance, 6/15/87]

June 25, 2003

Item of Interest #6 | 05:09 PM

I make a cameo, alongside Harry Connick Jr., in "Philllipe and Jorge's Cool Cool World", which (if I remember correctly) was — for a newspaper column — a fairly tasty sandwich.

June 02, 2003

Another County Heard From | 12:35 AM

God, can I visit a city without getting press? A brief stop in Providence for a chat with the FBI (indictments pending) and lo and behold, three days later, I make the papers. The price of fame is paid in blood and ink. Also in pudding. Sadly, such has been the case from the very moment of my birth.

In the more recent article, the author describes me as "a brainy guy with chest-length hair and gold rings in each earlobe." One supposes it could have been worse: he could have pegged me as "a chesty guy with ear-length brains and gold hairy ringlobes."

• Cianci Saga Goes from Page to Stage [Providence Journal]
for those who want to read the article without the lengthy registration process, use this login:
email: projo @, pass: famous

May 22, 2003

Tina Brown Revealed | 11:32 AM

After reading her mention of me in the Times Online UK and on, I wondered — as I'm sure you did — who is this Tina Brown person?

A minimal amount of research reveals her website, Tina, it seems, is a 25-year-old cellist/web designer who lives in Burbank, CA. She notes:

"My main focus these days is getting a job. I have worked hard getting here and I am trying to find a good place to start and enter the entertainment industry."
Now, this Tina seems like a nice woman: decent, churchgoing — she ends posts on her blog with the cheerful signoff "Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!" Frankly, I'm somewhat perplexed that she would write a snarky article in which she equates me with Jayson Blair.

• The Problem with Being Nice [ via Gawker]

May 18, 2003

Now That I'm Famous: Press | 07:53 PM

Almost six months of being famous, and the New York Times only now gets around to writing about me? Scandalous. And they think they can make it up to me by featuring me in two articles at once? I think not, Grey Lady. I think not.

• Dating a Blogger, Reading All About It []
• A New York State of Blog []

May 15, 2003

Behind the news | 04:02 PM

For those of you wondering what I am so studiously typing in tonight's "Buddy" segment on Eyewitness News Providence (Fox 64, WNAC @ 10pm or CBS 12, WPRI @ 11pm), here's a peek at the actual unedited text created during the filming:

Fake Channel12 News Writing
Look at me, “im sitting here writing a musical. Wheee! Can you believe it, I’m writing a musical and they’re tap[ibn me dfor the news! News! News! Musical! Wheee!

My mother toild me to pull my hair back, so I would’nt be playing with it, but I didn’t that may have been a mistake. NoeI’m going ot yoig yoig yoig fleep.

Ah, waterplace park! Still has that empty patch of dirt nea`rby! I can hardly see what – oops he’s coming to film from behiod, better go to the real writing/

April 14, 2003

The Best Of Gawker | 12:02 PM

Congratulations to Gawker, which celebrates its four-month anniversary this week. Since December, Elizabeth and Nick have obsessively brought us everything we ever needed to know about things we never needed to know anything about. From the incessant Tina Brown coverage to the "no J-Lo" policy (a custom more honored in the breach than in the observance), Gawker is, by my accounts, a winner.

In honor if this quarter-year milestone, I've compiled a list of Gawker posts that, in my unbiased and carefully considered opinion, represent the blog at its best.

THE BEST OF GAWKER: The First 120 Days

BEST ENTERTAINMENT NEWS: JVG's Saturday Night Gawker's celebrity nightlife coverage kicks off on a high note.
RUNNER UP: Celebrity Tracking

BEST ORIGINAL REPORTAGE: Scene from last night's Gawker party: Jonathan Van Gieson A fair and accurate account of the event.
RUNNER UP: Smoking ban workarounds

BEST NON-MANHATTAN NEWS: New Neighborhood Acronyms Gawker was the first publication to jump on the "SloWiTe" bandwagon.
RUNNER UP: New Jersey

BEST WAR COVERAGE: The Lockhart Steele Resolution Unlike less responsible media outlets, Gawker covered the Van Gieson/Steele conflict from the very beginning.
RUNNER UP: JVG covering for Lockhart Steele The very beginning.

April 13, 2003

Now That I'm Famous: The Press | 11:19 PM

For those of you who didn't feel like downloading the PDF, my profile in Dramatics Magazine — in which I make such insightful observations as "You need to have a couple of people to step in if an actor is injured during a show" — is now online.

December 17, 2002

The Early Years: Press | 02:40 PM

A sharp-eyed Daily News photog catches me off-guard – at the tender age of 17 months – in a contemplative mood and a fashionable shirt. What brilliance was I in the process of creating? Sadly, lost in the sands of time.

• clipping: New York Daily News, 10/24/75

December 15, 2002

The Early Years: Press | 12:09 AM

One of the sad prices of fame is constant hounding by the paparazzi. Even at the tender age of two months, the fourth estate had already closed in.

• clipping: Augusta Chronicle, 5/27/74

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