The Early Years: Old Friends
Going through the Van Gieson Archives (available to the public by appointment only), I happened across my 5th Grade yearbook which, on the autographs page, contained heartwarming messages from my closest grade school friends. Such fond memories. Though I'm still... more


Shut up, pee.

Analyzed by Friend

Oh, I am so going to have to dig up my 5th grade yearbook now. I remember Eben Davidson signing my yearbook in a big orange marker, and that weird x-shaped snake thingy looks shockingly familiar. Someone left a similar imprint on my yrbk. I don't remember if Amilcar signed mine, but I remember that pic of him & Eben at halloween, one of them in drag and the other lookin' like a biker boy... do you have that somewhere?

Analyzed by miranda

Photo is here.

That wasn't Almicar, that was this guy. And do you recognize one of the clowns in the next photo over?

Analyzed by JVG

Oh yeah! Wow, we have a lot of actors in our alumni, huh. Eben looks fierce there, yo.

Actually I recognize three out of four clowns :)

Analyzed by m

wow... I dont remember much. but it's cool that Amilcar is in LA since I live out here now, I will look him up. ...

Analyzed by Eben

Well imagine my surprise when I googled myself I found my 5th grade entry in your yearbook is the number one hit on my name/career. I knew my accomplishments peaked early.

Analyzed by Colin

I googled Jessica Schwarting, to track her down, and found this. I was in the same class but have blocked out many memories. remember your name but not your face. Hm. Will go look it up. Where are your comics syndicated?

Analyzed by Sarah Killeen

What a blast from the past. Hey that's me, I'm one of the clowns! I think that's Antonia next to me.

Analyzed by Jessica S