The Perfect Sentence #19
óBeing an attempt to craft The Perfect SentenceóBY REQUEST, AN ATTEMPT AT A LONGER SENTENCE He was born, since you ask, in a hospital, a small hospital now defunct or at least renamed, somewhere in Manhattan, I'm tempted to say... more


I am forced to challenge, with as much rightous anger as I can muster, the writer of this so-called 'sentence', whose ambitions have now become as monstrous as those of some of the later writers of our generation, to provide, in the appropriate and correct format(which, by the way is probably not something he can produce with any accuracy), and as soon as possible, a reasonable,correct, and complete diagram of this purported 'sentence' which is, of course, not a sentence but a blatant attempt to cheat abominably by replacing periods, which, as we all know end sentences, with commas, which as each of us has learned through the ages in very basic and simplistic education, do not.
Long, but not perfect, and beginning to show a hint of desperation.

Analyzed by wvg

Jeez, take it easy, Professor. I mean, sure, this one over-reached- a lot. But still, I like this new direction.

Bulwer-Lytton contest, here you come!

Analyzed by mike

Having whole-heartedly applauded my esteemed colleague's previous "attempt at a longer sentence", I must now equally whole-heartedly condemn this, his even-longer next attempt. This new body of text not only fails to meet the rigorous standards of perfection, it even fails to meet the most basic requirements of sentencehood; a run-on sentence is no sentence at all.

On a personal level, it is with heavy heart that I report my disappointment. The author's judgment was clearly twice impaired: first allowing him to produce this dreck, and then again allowing him to subject his readership to it. I humbly submit that Mr. Vee Gee would do well to return to the minimalistic simplicity which in his youth manifested in a fine work titled "The Adventures of Andrew Snail".


Analyzed by neilfred

Who do you think you are, Jonanthan Franzen?

Analyzed by aeu

One can only applaud the reference to 'ANDREW SNAIL', a work of minimalist brilliance, sadly neglected by the author as his fame increased. It is time to return to those days of innocence and abandon these futile bursts of grandiousity.(Is that a word ?)

Analyzed by wvg