Wither Comics?
"A former fan" brings up an excellent (if poorly-spelled) point in the comments:Whatever man you used to have a good stip here but now its balnk all the time. you let me down man, i thought i could count on... more


You are a quitter man, and we are all disappointed in you, terribly disappointed. And further more, where the hell is your Amazon Wish List ? And where the hell is Andrew Snail. I am done.

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Please teach me how to "blog," and I will do it!

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fine man whatever dude

you sitll dint give me no answer on why you fukkin strip is always blank

you were somebody whos wsite i looked at all the time and its like i dont check it anymore

why dont you give your fans some explinations. did you run out of ideas?
if so, i can help:

how bout a strip about you screwin your fans.

itll be true to life dude at least.

Analyzed by a former fan