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December 30, 2000

2000 Invitation


Word on the street:
The Night Before New Year's Eve Party will be happening again this year, in a brand-new borough: Brooklyn. By our best estimations, this is either the 3rd Annual 5th Annual Night Before New Years Eve Party or the 4th Annual 5th Annual Night Before New Years Eve Party.
While the location may have changed, you can expect the same rockin' good time that has accompanied previous NBNYE parties.

Highlights from previous years inculde;
• New Best Friends! (1999)
• JJ Keeps His Pants On (1994, 1997-1999 inclusive)
• A Good Time Was Had By All (1996)
• Wine, in addition to beer, served (Beginning 1998)
• Vodka Not Spilled on Couch (1995)
• Party Held During Wrong Month (November, 1997)
• Paul Simon Music Played for SIX HOURS STRAIGHT. (1994-1995)

Once again, the The Night Before New Year's Eve party will be held on December 30, the night before New Year's Eve. Save the date.

More information to follow.


JVG (& mystery co-hosts!)

2000 Reminder

The Night Before New Year's Eve: Now with Helpful Info!
The new location is Chez de Maison de Kim et Chandler in Brooklyn, just seconds away from the F train. A good time will be had by most.

Saturday, December 30th
9 pm - Dawm
212 Prospect Park West
Brooklyn, NY


take f to prospect park - 15th st stop - the house is on the corner of prospect park and 16th street - the door is on 16th street, it's a blue door with lovely graffiti on it

Be there or miss it.

(with special co-hosts Kim, Chandler, and Alexis)