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2003 Invitation

Well, friends, as another year draws to a close, I can state with reasonable assurance that this — unlike last year — is ACTUALLY the tenth year since I first hosted the annual celebration of pre-new year’s decadence.

Therefore, I am pleased to announce:

The Second Annual, but most likely more accurately named
10th Anniversary Night Before New Year’s Eve Party
Or, What The Butler Saw

“With an ‘amiable air of devil-may-care,’ and a guest list ‘so exclusive as to defy the imagination’, the NIGHT BEFORE NEW YEAR’S EVE party is the ‘fête to beat!’  You’ve ‘never experienced New Year’s Eve’ until you’ve started it with an ‘ intensely painful post-NBNYE hangover.’” —2003/2004 Zagat New York City Nightlife Guide

DATE:  December 30, 2003
TIME:  8:00pm
DRESS CODE:  Pret-a-Porter
A dingy little watering hole in the up-and-coming "Tribecca" section of Manhattan
114 Franklin St
between Church & West Broadway
Tel: (212) 343-4200

1, 9 to Franklin or A, C, E to Canal

RSVP, if you would be so kind