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December 14, 2005

2005 Invitation

Friends, I bring sad news: Grace Bar/Restaurant/Ritual, the location of the NBNYE from 2001-2003, and TDBNBNYE 2004, has in the year 2005 lost its "ritual" status with the departure of JJ (aka "No Ass O'Barkeep"). Therefore, it will no longer play yearly host to this eagerly-anticipated annual event every twelve months.

But with every sadness comes a silver-lined storm cloud, for with the loss of the Tribeca location, NBNYE - in celebration of the 13th (or possibly 14th) Anniversary of the event — returns to the Broken Land, and gains a new co-host!

So, please, won't you join JVG, Xina, AVR, and Callalillie for...

The Unluckiest Ever 14th Anniversary

In Which Pooh and Piglet Go Hunting and Nearly Catch a Woozle

This year, for your convenience, the party has been relocated to nearby Red Hook, Brooklyn!

Easily accessible by car, car service, taxi, cruise ship, OR city bus #B61 (The ONLY city bus with a bar AND a website named after it!), Red Hook has recently been targeted by developers, so the NBNYE may well be your last chance to see the neighborhood before it is razed and replaced by an Ikea (“affordable solutions for better living”.) It also serves as the home of soon-to-be-married Lex & Corie, and it is in their new apartment that the festivities shall be held.

For those who have not previously attended the event, enjoyable aspects of NBNYE include:
• No resolutions! --in fact, no promises of any kind
• No champagne! --plenty of other booze
• No pressure to enjoy yourself! --please, don't
• Attempt in vain to remember how many previous NBNYEs you have attended! --much easier for those attending for the first time
• Begin New Years Eve Day wth a vicious hangover!

The evening shall also serve as a celebration of the 6th night of Chanukah, AND as Lex & Corie's semi-housewarming party and long delayed Chip & Dip party. So bring booze, dreidels, latkes, booze, chips, dips, housewarming gifts or booze to supplement the evening.

Friday, December 30, 2005 @ 7:00pm

Continuing until such time as Lex & Corie are requested, by their landlord, to remove themselves from the building permanently.
259 Van Brunt St #4, Red Hook, Brooklyn 11231

Why should you not RSVP?

(Fine print: For those to whom it applies, take an allergy pill before attending, as the Red Hook ecosystem supports over 60 pounds of cat.)

NEW THIS YEAR: NBNYE invitation archives all the way back to 1999, here! Add your comments about previous NBNYE parties! Do you have an old NBNYE invite not included on these pages? Send it my way!

UPDATE: Lock supplies photos from the event.