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December 23, 2009

2009 Invitation

Friends, we rapidly approach the unofficial end of what shall historically be considered one of the most jackass decades in recent history. Were this decade a type of person, it would most certainly have been a ten-year-old bully who uses your own fist to punch you while urging you, over and over again, to "stop hitting yourself."

Shall we be sorry to see our bully go? I think not. But perhaps we can take a certain joy in celebrating the eve of the eve of his sendoff with The Triumphant Return of The Night Before New Year's Eve after a two-year hiatus. I am thrilled to announce that the fete is also back in the fashionable district of TriBeCa for the first time in half a decade, and is "old school" -- which is to say, no admission charge, and no nudity involved. Or at least, planned.

Since either 1992 or 1993, The Night Before New Year's Eve has offered a select group of premium people the chance to acquire just the hangover they needed for a perfect New Year's Eve Day. Please join us in the resurgence of this annual tradition.


Or, "When Doves Cry"

DATE: Wednesday, December 30, 2009
TIME: 8:00pm until the bartender feels we have imbibed sufficient alcohol to survive 2010
DRESS CODE: Intolerable
LOCATION: Ward III, 111 Reade Street, TriBeCa
It's like Grace, only much, much better!