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December 17, 2011

2011 Invitation

Dearest friends,

You are, with the utmost cordiality, invited to the rapidly-approaching-the-20th- anniversary-but-not-quite-there-yet Night Before New Years Eve Party! Once again, NBNYE will be held on "The night before New Years Eve", which this year falls on December 30.

This annual celebration is the most anticipated of the year amongst those who anticipate such things. And in 2011, we have even more to celebrate; the addition to the household of my roommate Donny! So please, let's make him feel at home by filling the house with people he doesn't know.

Also featuring the 2nd Annual BABYTIME™! Yes, those of you whose progeny is "of a certain age" shall not be excluded from the celebration. Bring the kids along and get 'em wasted at BabyTime™, the newest and shiniest feature of NBNYE. Finally! It's okay for the guests to throw up at the party!*

(*unlike, for instance NBNYE Y2k)

For those who have never been before, jump on the bandwagon before the two-decade anniversary, whenever that is.

& Welcoming Donny Despite The Fact He's Lived Here For Six Months
* DATE: Friday, December 30, 2011
* TIME(S): @ 4:00pm: BABYTIME! But if your young 'uns are a bit older, feel free to call it TODDLERTIME!
@ 8:00pm: ADULTYTIME! The classic-style NBNYE commences at 8pm, and shall continue into the wee hours of the night, so feel free to come by after your gigs, if you're the type with gigs.
* DRESS CODE (adults): Shiny. Oh so very shiny.
* DRESS CODE (babies): Their favorite horror movie character.
* VENUE: Chez Porc & Vom: 478 Prospect Ave #3, Brooklyn, NY 11215
F Train to 7th Avenue (southbound train does not stop at 15th Street), then a walk that's really not that bad (south on 7th or 8th to Prospect Ave, then make a left and walk until the house.)

Please do RSVP, if you would be so very kind.