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2013 Invitation

Dearest friends,

This annum, the Night Before New Years Eve (20th anniversary of said event, for the love of Pete) shall be a smaller affair, of friends, at my own abode. It's almost like the old days! Why so small? Because, my darlings, I am old, and enjoy fewer people than I once did. Despite this impediment, I would very much like you to attend.

DATE: Monday, December 30
TIME: Beginning 5ish, for those who like the calm of the pre-party party. I might be home earlier, text if you'd like to come by then. Arriving late is similarly fine; The party shall go until all time is gone.
LOCATION: Chez Moi, 478 Prospect Ave #3 Brooklyn, NY 11215
SIGNIFICANT OTHERS: Yes, please. Please bring that significant other I like so much, and would have been invited if I had their email address.
CHILDREN: Are very welcome.
GUESTS: Let me know if there's someone other than the above who you feel I should invite.
ATTIRE: Ah, fuck it.

** RSVP: For realsies. It's not the largest apartment, and if you can't attend, I'll invite others I like less well.

Still, pretty good year.