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2014 Invitation

Hear ye, hear ye, the infamous and annual Night Before New Years Eve Party is indeed happening once again this annum, either the 21st or 22nd anniversary of said event, which means the party is now unquestionably old enough to get schnockered with the rest of us.

For those new to the fold, the party celebrates the eve of the eve of New Years, and allows one to begin one's New Years Eve Day with the hangover you were hoping to save until next year.

The event will once again be preceded by NBNYE*BABYTiME™ at 4:00pm, a special afternoon event for those with the young'ns who want to celebrate NBNYE with them (and us) before their baby-ass early bedtime.

BUT THAT'S NOT ALL! This year, the event shall also serve as a housewarming party, to welcome Jo "Boobs" Weldon to her new Brooklyn home. As Jo says, "Broooooooooooookkkklllllllyyynnnn!"*

DATE: December 30, 2014
TIME(s): 4:00pm BABYTiME
PLACE: Jo & Jonny's House
DRESS CODE: Internaçiønål

*Disclaimer: Jo never said any such thing. Though she might, as the night progresses.