December 15, 2015

2015 Invitation

Dearest Friends,

If we cannot determine the exact date whence began the annual tradition known as THE NIGHT BEFORE NEW YEARS EVE, we at least know the party is now older than I was when it began. There is no longer any doubt that I have hosted this party for more than half of my life, which is longer than I've done anything else, except have foolishly long hair.

And we are thrilled to announce that this year, the party continues, as does the hair. Once again, we shall ring in the final day of the year with a celebration unlike any other, except the ones that are similar.

The tradition of "Babytime," a staple of the fete since the bygone days of 2010, will retain its nomenclature, despite the fact that many of the babies in attendance are now able to walk unaided and speak in complete sentences, which is more than we can say for some of the other guests by the end of the night. So for those harboring recent additions to humanity in their homes, bring them! It's about time they made their debut in civilized society.

The 22nd or 23rd Anniversary

Or, "Do Not Go Gently Into This New Year"

DATE: Wednesday, December 30, 2009
TIMES(s): 4:00pm: BABYTiME
8:00pm on: ADULTYTiME
DRESS CODE: Unforgettable
VENUE: Chateau Chapeau et Sein
478 Prospect Ave #3
Brooklyn NY 11215
(F or G to 15th Street/Prospect Park)

If you have a gig, please join us after! (Text to ascertain duration of fete.)

Your RSVP is as welcome as it is necessary!


Jonny & Jo

December 15, 2012

2012 Inivitation


There is approximately an even chance that this year marks the two decade anniversary of the first time this fine fete set foot on the shores of existence, and planted its flag in the firmament of drinking.

For who have not attended this bacchanalia in previous tax years, it is a celebration that allows one to mark the passing of the old year a full 24 hours before the rest of the world, except those in different time zones. You and a select group of incredibly attractive people will get the jump on the crowds, and indeed a jump on your hangovers.

To painfully misquote Mr. Wm. Shakespeare, it is a celebration devoutly not to be missed. One hopes to see you there.

of Destruction

DATE: December 30, 2012
TIME: 7:00pm until the end of the world. Or slightly earlier, if we get sleepy.
PLACE: The Rum House, 228 West 47th Street NYC
LIVE MUSIC: Commencing at 9:30
DRESS CODE: Apocalyptic



The Rum House
228 West 47th Street, New York, New York 10036
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December 17, 2011

2011 Invitation

Dearest friends,

You are, with the utmost cordiality, invited to the rapidly-approaching-the-20th- anniversary-but-not-quite-there-yet Night Before New Years Eve Party! Once again, NBNYE will be held on "The night before New Years Eve", which this year falls on December 30.

This annual celebration is the most anticipated of the year amongst those who anticipate such things. And in 2011, we have even more to celebrate; the addition to the household of my roommate Donny! So please, let's make him feel at home by filling the house with people he doesn't know.

Also featuring the 2nd Annual BABYTIME™! Yes, those of you whose progeny is "of a certain age" shall not be excluded from the celebration. Bring the kids along and get 'em wasted at BabyTime™, the newest and shiniest feature of NBNYE. Finally! It's okay for the guests to throw up at the party!*

(*unlike, for instance NBNYE Y2k)

For those who have never been before, jump on the bandwagon before the two-decade anniversary, whenever that is.

& Welcoming Donny Despite The Fact He's Lived Here For Six Months
* DATE: Friday, December 30, 2011
* TIME(S): @ 4:00pm: BABYTIME! But if your young 'uns are a bit older, feel free to call it TODDLERTIME!
@ 8:00pm: ADULTYTIME! The classic-style NBNYE commences at 8pm, and shall continue into the wee hours of the night, so feel free to come by after your gigs, if you're the type with gigs.
* DRESS CODE (adults): Shiny. Oh so very shiny.
* DRESS CODE (babies): Their favorite horror movie character.
* VENUE: Chez Porc & Vom: 478 Prospect Ave #3, Brooklyn, NY 11215
F Train to 7th Avenue (southbound train does not stop at 15th Street), then a walk that's really not that bad (south on 7th or 8th to Prospect Ave, then make a left and walk until the house.)

Please do RSVP, if you would be so very kind.



December 22, 2010

2010 Invitation

(Please note: I am well aware that many of you situated in locations other than New York City and cannot attend. However, on the off chance that you happened to be in town, I thought I might invite you. So there.)

Dearest Friends,

Winter returns, and with it, the holidays, including perhaps the most sacred of them all:

Yes, the annual fete is back in style, but this time with not one but two amazing "events of note", brand-new for 2010!

* Event of note #1: Location, Location, Locution
For the first time ever in its 18 (or 19) year history, NBNYE will be held:
* NOT in my mothers rent-controlled 5-floor walkup! (c. 1992?-1999)
* NOT in a bar, restaurant or ritual! (2001-2005)
* NOT in the apartment of generous but ultimately regretful friends like Kim (Y2K) or Lex & Corie (2005)!
* NOT at a burlesque show, with a corresponding admission charge (2006 - winner: worst-attended year ever!)
* NOT on hiatus (2007-2008, to recover from the ill-advised 2006)

Yes, my place of residence will serve as NBNYE venue for 2010, the first party ever held in said residence. Convenient to the F train, just a few short stops away from the borough known as Manhattan. (Those who live in Queens, you're still screwed, but come anyway.)

* Event of note #2: Procreators rejoice!
Due to the recent propensity for reproduction amongst my nearest and dearest, the 2010 edition of NBNYE will include BABYTIME©! an afternoon event intended for those unwilling or unable to stay up late.To exhausted to party until the wee hours? Then bring the wee ones by for an afternoon of mulled cider and strained peas (strained peas not included.) NBNYE: Now fun for ALL ages!

But never fear: as the hour grows later, so too will the guests, and as evening rolls in, THE NIGHT BEFORE NEW YEARS EVE will enter full-swing as we party in a manner not dissimilar to the manner in which we partied when I held the event way back in 1999. Remember: if you start New Years Eve Day with a hangover, you have no where to go but up.

* Event of note #3: We'll still be getting drunk later
I realize I mentioned only two events of note originally, but I talked so much about the babies it occurred to me that it might not have been clear that the party will happen as usual in the evening hours.

Significant Details:
* DATE: Thursday, December 30, 2010
* TIME(S): @ 4:00pm: BABYTIME! for the young and young at heart. (Actually, the young at heart should probably come later. You might get on the parents' nerves. They don't get a lot of sleep, you know.)
@ 8:00pm: ADULTYTIME! NBNYE Classic, commencing at 8pm, and continuing until such time as I realize exactly why I never had a party in my own home before
* DRESS CODE (adults): As Anne once said, "We're not savages, you know."
* DRESS CODE (children): Parents must dress their children in the couture of the profession they hope the child will eventually adopt, unless that seems a little crazy. Does that seem a little crazy?
* VENUE: Chez Porc: 478 Prospect Ave #3, Brooklyn, NY 11215
F Train to 15th Street, Prospect Park West.
*** Your RSVP is most important! (So I may set aside an appropriate amount of booze/baby formula for your consumption.) RSVP to:



If you received this invite via several different avenues, please accept the fact that I love you so very much I wanted to be sure you got it.

December 23, 2009

2009 Invitation

Friends, we rapidly approach the unofficial end of what shall historically be considered one of the most jackass decades in recent history. Were this decade a type of person, it would most certainly have been a ten-year-old bully who uses your own fist to punch you while urging you, over and over again, to "stop hitting yourself."

Shall we be sorry to see our bully go? I think not. But perhaps we can take a certain joy in celebrating the eve of the eve of his sendoff with The Triumphant Return of The Night Before New Year's Eve after a two-year hiatus. I am thrilled to announce that the fete is also back in the fashionable district of TriBeCa for the first time in half a decade, and is "old school" -- which is to say, no admission charge, and no nudity involved. Or at least, planned.

Since either 1992 or 1993, The Night Before New Year's Eve has offered a select group of premium people the chance to acquire just the hangover they needed for a perfect New Year's Eve Day. Please join us in the resurgence of this annual tradition.


Or, "When Doves Cry"

DATE: Wednesday, December 30, 2009
TIME: 8:00pm until the bartender feels we have imbibed sufficient alcohol to survive 2010
DRESS CODE: Intolerable
LOCATION: Ward III, 111 Reade Street, TriBeCa
It's like Grace, only much, much better!

December 20, 2007

2007 Invitation

Friends, with a certain amount of swelling of the chest, and perhaps other parts of the body, we announce that our famed annual feté returns to the borough of Manhattan for the first time since 2003! With that migration comes a revival of the glory days of the celebration, in which one need neither travel to Red Hook nor pay an admission fee to attend.

In a stunning departure from previous years, however, 2007's event will be split into two distinct celebratory sections, an "early" (commencing 7:00pm, appropriate for those with early bedtimes -- yes, Preggie, I'm looking at you), and a "late" (commencing 11:30pm). Wherefore this disjunctive merrymaking? Read on, young friend, the reason shall become clear.

So please, won't you join us once again for...

Or, "Orbis Non Sufficit"

If we cannot say with certainty that this is the 15th year since we began celebrating the event, we can at least be assured that it is the 5th year since we first celebrated the 10th anniversary of the event.

DATE: Sunday, December 30, 2007
TIME: 7:00pm-10:30pm, 11:30pm until such time as we are forced to evacuate the premises
DRESS CODE: Vintage '03!
LOCATION: RiFiFi, 332 East 11th Street, East Village, Manhattan
Though blessed with a bartender much cuter than that of our last Manhattan venue, this location also boasts the constant threat of closing.

» The party shall commence at 7:00pm, and continue in fine form for 3.5 hours.
» At 10:30pm, NBNYE shall take a short recess as I (and any who care to join me) retire to the back room to watch the burlesque show (Those wishing neither to participate in this portion of the event nor to leave the party may remain in the front room and continue drinking)
» At some point during said show, let's call it 11:15pm, I shall attempt to convince the hosts to allow me to sing the official NBNYE anthem ("Fairytale of New York") live on stage, accompanied by as much of the audience as cares to join in
» At approximately 11:30pm (or show's end), NBNYE shall resume with a renewed fervor and enhanced drunkenness

RSVP, why not?
NB: This event was, due to unfortunate circumstances, cancelled.

December 18, 2006

2006 Invitation

[ REDACTED - who the hell charges admission for his annual party? Small wonder only a select few friends of note attended ]

December 14, 2005

2005 Invitation

Friends, I bring sad news: Grace Bar/Restaurant/Ritual, the location of the NBNYE from 2001-2003, and TDBNBNYE 2004, has in the year 2005 lost its "ritual" status with the departure of JJ (aka "No Ass O'Barkeep"). Therefore, it will no longer play yearly host to this eagerly-anticipated annual event every twelve months.

But with every sadness comes a silver-lined storm cloud, for with the loss of the Tribeca location, NBNYE - in celebration of the 13th (or possibly 14th) Anniversary of the event — returns to the Broken Land, and gains a new co-host!

So, please, won't you join JVG, Xina, AVR, and Callalillie for...

The Unluckiest Ever 14th Anniversary

In Which Pooh and Piglet Go Hunting and Nearly Catch a Woozle

This year, for your convenience, the party has been relocated to nearby Red Hook, Brooklyn!

Easily accessible by car, car service, taxi, cruise ship, OR city bus #B61 (The ONLY city bus with a bar AND a website named after it!), Red Hook has recently been targeted by developers, so the NBNYE may well be your last chance to see the neighborhood before it is razed and replaced by an Ikea (“affordable solutions for better living”.) It also serves as the home of soon-to-be-married Lex & Corie, and it is in their new apartment that the festivities shall be held.

For those who have not previously attended the event, enjoyable aspects of NBNYE include:
• No resolutions! --in fact, no promises of any kind
• No champagne! --plenty of other booze
• No pressure to enjoy yourself! --please, don't
• Attempt in vain to remember how many previous NBNYEs you have attended! --much easier for those attending for the first time
• Begin New Years Eve Day wth a vicious hangover!

The evening shall also serve as a celebration of the 6th night of Chanukah, AND as Lex & Corie's semi-housewarming party and long delayed Chip & Dip party. So bring booze, dreidels, latkes, booze, chips, dips, housewarming gifts or booze to supplement the evening.

Friday, December 30, 2005 @ 7:00pm

Continuing until such time as Lex & Corie are requested, by their landlord, to remove themselves from the building permanently.
259 Van Brunt St #4, Red Hook, Brooklyn 11231

Why should you not RSVP?

(Fine print: For those to whom it applies, take an allergy pill before attending, as the Red Hook ecosystem supports over 60 pounds of cat.)

NEW THIS YEAR: NBNYE invitation archives all the way back to 1999, here! Add your comments about previous NBNYE parties! Do you have an old NBNYE invite not included on these pages? Send it my way!

UPDATE: Lock supplies photos from the event.

December 20, 2004

2004 Invitation

Since many of us (including yours truly) will be out of town this Night Before New Year's Eve (those of you in Hollywood on Dec 30 can join us for NBNYELA), the management of the popular NBNYE festivities have decided to usher in a brand-spanking-new tradition for 2004:  the first annual first annual "Ten Days Before Night Before New Years Eve" gathering!

The specs:

JVG & Xina, in association with AVR, are pleased to invite you to:

The First Annual First Annual TDBNBNYE Party

Date:  Monday, December 20
Time: 7ish, 8ish, until such time as you stumble home, lamenting
Location: Grace Bar/Restaurant/Ritual
Where every man is a king, and every duke a banana
114 Franklin Street
bet. Church & W. Broadway
Subway:  (1,9 to Franklin, A, C, E to Canal)
Dress Code:  Retro futuristic

Exciting party features include:
• Buy-your-own Drinks!
• Friendly barkeep, no visible posterior
• Mention of Book of Ages: verboten!
• Burlesque performances? No, probably not
• Quiet contemplation of year to come while listening to the holiday favorite “Fairytale of New York” by The Pogues
• SPECIAL BONUS: Tuesday Hangover!

 RSVP, if necessary

December 30, 2003

2003 Invitation

Well, friends, as another year draws to a close, I can state with reasonable assurance that this — unlike last year — is ACTUALLY the tenth year since I first hosted the annual celebration of pre-new year’s decadence.

Therefore, I am pleased to announce:

The Second Annual, but most likely more accurately named
10th Anniversary Night Before New Year’s Eve Party
Or, What The Butler Saw

“With an ‘amiable air of devil-may-care,’ and a guest list ‘so exclusive as to defy the imagination’, the NIGHT BEFORE NEW YEAR’S EVE party is the ‘fête to beat!’  You’ve ‘never experienced New Year’s Eve’ until you’ve started it with an ‘ intensely painful post-NBNYE hangover.’” —2003/2004 Zagat New York City Nightlife Guide

DATE:  December 30, 2003
TIME:  8:00pm
DRESS CODE:  Pret-a-Porter
A dingy little watering hole in the up-and-coming "Tribecca" section of Manhattan
114 Franklin St
between Church & West Broadway
Tel: (212) 343-4200

1, 9 to Franklin or A, C, E to Canal

RSVP, if you would be so kind

December 31, 2002

2002 Recap

"Final Analysis: With such a top-notch guest list, how could NBNYE2002 be quantified as anything but "classic"? The only thing missing was the people who didn't show up."

Full recap available here

December 30, 2002

2002 Invitation

8:00 pm on Monday, December 30, 2002

Has it really been ten years since I began hosting a gathering to celebrate New Years Eve Eve?  Possibly.  It may have been nine.  Certainly isn't eleven.

At any rate, as we prepare to leave this last palindromic year for over a century, the NBNYE celebration falls once again on a day appropriate for Grace, my favorite Bar/Restaurant/Ritual. Which means that, just like last year, I'm very generously _not_ providing the alcohol. What a guy!

Feel free to bring friends, loved ones, and detritus.

And remember, there’s no better way to start New Years Eve day than with a serious hangover.

With affectation,

Jonathan Van Gieson

10th Anniversary NBNYE
Dec 30, 2002 @ 8:00 pm

114 Franklin St
between Church & West Broadway
Tel: (212) 343-4200

1, 9 to Franklin or A, C, E to Canal

RSVP, if you would be so kind

2002 Reminder

8:00 pm on Monday, December 30, 2002

The time is now, or nigh, depending on when you read this email.  Be sure to join us for an evening of enjoyment.  Dov has apparently arranged something resembling hors d’oeuvres, which is more than I could get off my ass to do. On the other hand, who would you ask to design your website?  Me, or Dov?  I thought so.  (Do all of you know Dov?  Everybody, meet Dov.  Dov, meet everybody.)

For those of you who have already RSVPed regrets, this email will serve to remind you of the wonderful time you’re missing. Schedule now to be available for NBNYE ‘03.  (“The Rockin’est NBNYE EVER!”)

For those of you who have been asking about couture:  Haut.  Or at least haughty.
For those of you asking if you can bring friends:  Yes.
For those of you who go to Australia and don’t bring your co-producer:  Dead.

If I don’t see you tomorrow, have a wonderful new year, despite the chilly silence to which I will subject you for missing my damn party.

With love like lightning,


10th Anniversary NBNYE
Dec 30, 2002 @ 8:00 pm

114 Franklin St
between Church & West Broadway
Tel: (212) 343-4200

1, 9 to Franklin or A, C, E to Canal

RSVP, if you would be so kind

December 30, 2001

2001 Invitation


This year, in a fit of laziness (and lack of anyone I could sucker into hosting the party,) my annual night-before-new-years-eve-party has been demoted to a night-before-new-years-eve-get-together-at-a-bar.

What does this mean for you, the partygoer?

* No 5-flight walkup
* No train ride to Brooklyn
* No slight discomfort at being the only one in the room that no one knows.
* No opportunity to destroy my mom's couch.
* No embarrassing hours spent waiting for the bathroom as one of the hosts "washes his face."

And, most importantly,
* No free alcohol.

Sound exciting? It sure does. So be sure to join me on Sunday, December 30th we count down the hours to New Years Eve Day.

Get your hangover started early with the

8:00 PM
@ Grace Restaurant
114 Franklin Street
Between Church and West Broadway
(Nearby Trains: 1,2 to Franklin, A, C, E to Canal, walk downtown.)

Please feel free to invite friends. After all, it's a bar.

Warmest Regards,


December 30, 2000

2000 Invitation


Word on the street:
The Night Before New Year's Eve Party will be happening again this year, in a brand-new borough: Brooklyn. By our best estimations, this is either the 3rd Annual 5th Annual Night Before New Years Eve Party or the 4th Annual 5th Annual Night Before New Years Eve Party.
While the location may have changed, you can expect the same rockin' good time that has accompanied previous NBNYE parties.

Highlights from previous years inculde;
• New Best Friends! (1999)
• JJ Keeps His Pants On (1994, 1997-1999 inclusive)
• A Good Time Was Had By All (1996)
• Wine, in addition to beer, served (Beginning 1998)
• Vodka Not Spilled on Couch (1995)
• Party Held During Wrong Month (November, 1997)
• Paul Simon Music Played for SIX HOURS STRAIGHT. (1994-1995)

Once again, the The Night Before New Year's Eve party will be held on December 30, the night before New Year's Eve. Save the date.

More information to follow.


JVG (& mystery co-hosts!)

2000 Reminder

The Night Before New Year's Eve: Now with Helpful Info!
The new location is Chez de Maison de Kim et Chandler in Brooklyn, just seconds away from the F train. A good time will be had by most.

Saturday, December 30th
9 pm - Dawm
212 Prospect Park West
Brooklyn, NY


take f to prospect park - 15th st stop - the house is on the corner of prospect park and 16th street - the door is on 16th street, it's a blue door with lovely graffiti on it

Be there or miss it.

(with special co-hosts Kim, Chandler, and Alexis)

December 30, 1999

1999 Invitation

You're Invited:
nbnye1999.png A low-key-pre-new-year's-eve-event. Bring a friend. If you'd like, bring two. Three would be pushing it.

Hosts: Jonathan Van Gieson & Christina Nicosia
Location: Bank Street, NY, NY 10014
Nearby Subways:
1, 9, 2, 3 to 14th Street.
A, C, E,
B, D, F Q to West 4th Street.
Time: 8 pm EST.
Need more information? Email me.
Sign the Guestbook I mean, why not?

Bring some booze, if you feel like it. If not, that's fine too.
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