The Poke the Evil Nun Game

This is the pre-release demo of version 2 of The Poke The Evil Nun Game. As such, many features have not yet been installed, such as a cool intro, levels beyond level 1, and the ability to win or lose.

To play, simply poke the most evil-seeming nun. If you poke her three times, you win. Poke the wrong nun three times, and you lose.

You'll know you've won or lost because the nuns will all stop, and the words "Lose" or "Win" (or some portion thereof) will appear next to the words "Miss" or "Hit." Obviously, when the game has been developed a little more, there will be much more interesting ways of denoting that you've won or lost.

Once you win or lose, you'll notice that you're still able to poke the nuns. Your scores will continue to cycle through 1, 2, then "win" or "lose," for as long as you choose to continue to poke immobile and defenseless nuns. This will also not be an aspect of the final game.

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