Stories on reverse side of portion of page torn from Augusta Chronicle:
("???" indicates info missing as a result of tear)

Millard F. Goodi???
Mallard F. Gooding, the warden at the Richmond County Correctional Institution (RCCI) for the past 18 years, today is honored in a way few men are during their lifetime. Today has been proclaimed "Millard F. Gooding Day..."
photo caption: Gooding has head full

Today in Augusta
9 a.m. -4:30 p.m. – Family Planning and well baby clinic. Underwood Homes, 610 Fairhope St.
12:15 p.m. – August Rotary Clubhears Col. Emmett Arnold, commandant, Southeastern Signal School, Ft. Gordon. Thunderbird Inn.
1 p.m. – Augusta Kiwanis Club hears District Attorney Richard Allen. Executive House
7 p.m. – Garden City Lions Club hears Mrs. Betty Counts, Richmond County school teacher for the visually impared. Village Inn.

PHOTO: Woman Serving Coffee
caption: OH, THOSE WEARY TRAVELERS – Persons travelling on Interstate-20 during the current Memorial Day weekend find a hot cup of coffee waiting for them on their journey. The Atlanta React Team set up a coffee wake at the Georgia Welcome Center...

Holiday Accidents ta??? their toll in CSRA
Search operations for the body of a man believed to have drowned in the Savannah River were called off Sunday night because of darkness and rain...

Derby registration to close on Saturday
Youngsters planning too enter the 1974 Augusta Soap Box Derby must sign up before 6 p.m. on Saturday...

Relevant Documents

Documents Relating to my Birth
#1 Dated 11/13/74
#2 Dated 1/15/75
#3 Dated 2/18/75
#4 Dated 2/21/75

Dated 11/13/74
The Augusta Chronicle
Dated 10/24/75
NY Daily News

Awards & Honors
Dated 8/22/80 Awarded by: Mike & Howie, Ramapo Country Day Camp
Dated 1991-1992 Awarded by: Fencing Coach

Star Wars Parody
(c. 1981, ballpoint pen on yellow legal paper, lined)
"Current Events"
(Journalism, 1/24/83)
"Ducks Are Coming Into Fashion"
(Journalism, 1/26/84)
"Here is Your Food"
(Journalism, 1/30/83)
"Some high school kids gave up drugs"
(Journalism, 2/7/84)
"A mildly cold good morning to you."
(Journalism, 3/5/82)
"A cloudy good morning to you."
(Journalism, 4/22/82)
Drool Comic
(c. 1997, pen & ink on Bristol)

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