The emails made it look like a pretty simple case.

The old story: Boy meets internet, boy finds pornography on internet, boy ditches wife for internet pornography. Happened before, will happen again, with exactly the same "clever" internet-related puns.

I had a lead, too: This "buffmuffin" was meeting "buxomblonde" online again in four days, so I could see for myself what the two of them were up to. Truth to tell, I had a pretty good idea, but it never hurts to make sure.

Only one problem: no web address for the rendezvous. Looked like "buffy" and his bimbo made all of their plans by instant message. I needed to track down that address before the 20th rolled around.

There was still something about the case that was making me nervous - I couldn't quite put a cursor on it. Something about the emails read wronger than a Mac file on a PC.

Maybe I was just tired. I rubbed my eyes and got back to work.

Four days.