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What is YuGo! mail?

YuGo! mail is online mail from YuGo!


How does YuGo! mail work?

Using state-of-the-art technology, YuGo! zips mail across the internet by use of a computer. Unlike more conventional paper mail, YuGo mail uses high speed devices to deliver mail quickly anywhere and everywhere accessable by computer, including the internet!


How can I get YuGo! mail?

All you have to do is sign up!


Is my YuGo! mail completely private?

In this day and age of high technology, nothing is ever 100% private! But YuGo's team of cutting-edge computer engineers are hard at work making sure that only people who know your user ID and password can access your account 24 hours a day! It's that simple!


What are the advantages of YuGo! mail?

Unlike the post office, which can sometimes take two or three weeks to deliver a simple letter, because of weather, hurricanes, snow and etc., YuGo mail travels by computer, and so takes much less! Or so called "value" next day deliverers, which YuGo mail is much cheaper!


What if my YuGo! mail isn't working?

First, try rebooting your computer. Then, when you connect via modem, access your account again. If it still isn't working, consider purchasing YuGo! Mailer Pro via our web site for $299, which is the same YuGo mail as is available for free - but improved to maximize internet connectivity. You'll get the simple YuGo! Mail interface you're used to, but without the annoying computer crashes associated with the freeware version!


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YuGo! Mail! Help Return to Inbox