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Date: March 19, 1999
From: classydick@qualityporn.com
To: buffmuffin@yugo.com
Subject: re:re:re:re:***PLAIN BROWN WRAPPER***

Mr. Muffin,

How dismaying your last letter was to me!!! As you can imaging, my only hope is to get you HIGHEST QUALITY PORN PORN PORN!!! and although there is some trouble getting to you I admit, there is no reason to take. Such a rude tone.

However I have one more trick up - and I think finally I will get HOT WOMEN IN SEXY PICTURES TO MAKE YOUR HEAD SWIM WITH SEXY VISION!!!

I have enclose a link to FREE!!! FREE!!! FREE!!!, Mr. Muffin, a special FREE!!! link just for you. On it you will find NOT FIVE BUT TEN OF BEST QUALITY HARD-CORE PORNOGRAPHIC PICTURES!!!

Mr. Muffin, I hope this will work out to your TOTAL SATISFACTION!!! And because of the trouble cause, I am happy to allow you access to my HOTTEST PORN SITE for a DEEP DISCOUNT at onlt $29.99 per month.

Most sincerely yours, Classy Dick

Your special link is at http://www.classysicksmuseumqualityporn.com/special. Please do not share this special HARD-CORE with anyone, it is for you especially.


Visit the web site at



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