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Date: March 30, 1999
From: Harold J. Leibman, Esq. (hleibman@lieblaw.com)
To: buffmuffin@yugo.com
Subject: re: Litigation



Would you believe, we've known each other all these years, and I never knew you were a comedian! But that "correspondence" you sent me was a stroke of genius! Really! Brilliant!! I showed it to Betty, who thought you really meant it, but I assured her that it wasn't possible - you know Betty, she's slow to pick up on the subtler types of humor.

I forwarded it to some of the other lawyers at the firm, and they enjoyed it so much, they're going to forward it to some of their clients, etc. You have the makings of a real email hit, like that "top twenty things I don't want for christmas" that went around a few months ago.

Fantastic. Kudos. Just a brilliant piece of writing - and to end by having the "buffmuffin" character threaten a lawsuit - inspired! My legal advice to him would be to get himself a lawyer - the only person in that correspondence who would even come close to having a case would be the pornographer - for harassment!

At any rate, thanks again. Let's do lunch next week.



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