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Date: January 8,1998
From: fwdmonster@friendspam.com
To: gadzzok@bildge.com, buffmuffin@yugo.com, rewrd@bister.edu, hampster@coolio.com, bgates@ms.com, president@whitehouse.gov, lamp@lava.com, julie11624832675324233455463434534567989192@aol.com, kjh4543kjh325@uselessemailaddresses.net, angryman@happy.org, gavinonjones@veegee.com
Subject: fwd: fwd:fwd: fwd: fwd: fwd: top twenty things I don't want for christmas.

Hey, Everybody!!! I know it's after Christmas, but I thought you'd all get a real big kick out of this!!! I know I did!!!

>I thought this was really funny! Enjoy!

>>This cracked me up so much, I just had to share it with everyone I know!

>>>Isn't it true, though! I mean, I don't want any of those things for Christmas! Would you?

>>>>All I have to say is: HA HA HA!!!

>>>>>Cindy: Why won't you marry me? I love you more than you could possible imagine! I swear Angelica means nothing to me! Please take me back! -Jack. P.S. Thought this list was pretty funny. Hope you like it.

>>>>>>Hey everybody! Merry Christmas! Hope you don't get any of the things on this list :) ;)!!!



>>>>>>>20. A lobotomy!

>>>>>>>19. The Plague!

>>>>>>>18. Someone to bomb my house!

>>>>>>>17.My two front teeth... knocked out with a 2x4!

>>>>>>>16. Cancer!

>>>>>>>15.To die in a terrible car accident!

>>>>>>>14. Fungus!

>>>>>>>13. More fungus!

>>>>>>>12. A death in the family!

>>>>>>>11.The Flu!

>>>>>>>10.That flesh-eating virus!

>>>>>>>9. That computer virus!

>>>>>>>8. The movie "Virus" on video!

>>>>>>>7. A brain tumor!

>>>>>>>6. To get caught under a thresher and be torn to bits!

>>>>>>>5. Two words: Gunshot wound!

>>>>>>>4. Leftover fungus!

>>>>>>>3. To get eaten alive by wolves!

>>>>>>>2. Worms, worms, worms!

>>>>>>>And the #1 thing I don't want for Christmas is...






>>>>>>>© 1998 Booby Newtworth. All rights reserved.


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