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Date: March 14, 1999
From: buffmuffin@yugo.com
To: classydick@qualityporn.com
Subject: re:re:re:***PLAIN BROWN WRAPPER***

Mr. Dick,

I am once again required to inform you that I was unable to view the pictures you have sent.

As you can imagine, I am quite dismayed by this state of affairs. You internet advertisment promised free!!!free!!!free!!! quality porn pictures via email, and yet you seem unable to fufill that promise. Whether this is actionable I do not know, but I would avise you not to risk it; to wit, it would be in your best interests to get me those images as soon as possible.


>that you won't be diassapointed with!!! And at $29.99, it's a bargain YOU CANT REFUSE!!!


Regarding your suggestion that I pay money to access your site, I can only assume that you are joking. Since you have thus far been unable to master the simple technology of conveying your photographs to me via email, I have no confidence that you would be able to maintain as complicated an endeavor as a web site. I would be hard pressed to consider accessing your site at this point even if you were to succesfully transmit the original images promised. So, for the time being, it is certainly well within my ability to refuse your "generous" offer.

Of course, depending on your ability to get the images to me in a relatively expedient manner, and the quality of the images sent, I might reconsider my scepticism.

Awaiting a response,




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