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Date: February 3, 1999
From: buffmuffin@yugo.com
To: buxomblonde@netlonelypersonals.com
Subject: Wow...

Ms. Blonde - I mean, Buxy!

Thank you for your kind letter. Of course I understand why it took you so long to respond! A beauty like you must have recieved thousands of potential e-suitors!

The terms you stated in your letter are quite acceptable - as you requested, I deleted the email immediately upon reading it, and will do so with all future messages as well. (How exciting! I feel like a secret agent!) I will use Visa as a payment method - My account num- hey, look at that!! I'm recieving an instant message from you even as I write this. I go to speak with you...

...WOW! We've just finished our online chat, and if I wasn't convinced before, I certainly am now. Buxy, that was perhaps the most exciting e-conversaiton I have ever had the pleasure to "e-"xperience. I will certainly purchase the "e-"quipment you specified.

I await our next e-meeting with baited e-breath!



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BuffMuffin's Email Message Help!