Relevant Documents

Documents Relating to my Birth
#1 Dated 11/13/74
#2 Dated 1/15/75
#3 Dated 2/18/75
#4 Dated 2/21/75

Dated 11/13/74
The Augusta Chronicle
Dated 10/24/75
NY Daily News

Awards & Honors
Dated 8/22/80 Awarded by: Mike & Howie, Ramapo Country Day Camp
Dated 1991-1992 Awarded by: Fencing Coach

Star Wars Parody
(c. 1981, ballpoint pen on yellow legal paper, lined)
"Current Events"
(Journalism, 1/24/83)
"Ducks Are Coming Into Fashion"
(Journalism, 1/26/84)
"Here is Your Food"
(Journalism, 1/30/83)
"Some high school kids gave up drugs"
(Journalism, 2/7/84)
"A mildly cold good morning to you."
(Journalism, 3/5/82)
"A cloudy good morning to you."
(Journalism, 4/22/82)
Drool Comic
(c. 1997, pen & ink on Bristol)

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